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How will our children learn in 2030?
fly around Budapest in VR

Budapest VR fly around prototype

Dec/22 By

Katalin had a television appearance in Budapest and for that she needed an app to show her 3D model in VR. So we urgently sit together and published this small

Multiuser VR learning space

Platform Independent Multi-user VR Space to Learn

Dec/12 By

Can you imagine entering a VR space to learn languages, history or mathematics? I believe it an inevitably tool for our future learning. This is a growing field, a blue ocean for

Learning Progress System

Learning Progress System

Nov/27 By

We certainly need an integrated system to store our learning progress in our lifelong learning journey. Here I would present my ideas about such a system. Problem: For example I’ve

Language Mahjong 3D Discover Chinese Characters while playing Mahjong

Language Mahjong 3D Learn Chinese finally published

Nov/13 By

Finally in November 2016 Language Mahjong 3D for Chinese was published! What it feels like finally publishing something so long in the works? Exhilarating 🙂 It was really a long

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